Organising a Regatta with Rowing Queensland

Organisers of a regatta partnering with Rowing Queensland can expect comprehensive support and services aimed at ensuring a smooth and successful event:

  1. Regatta Secretary Services: This includes the expertise of our Regatta Secretary who manages essential tasks such as Rowing Manager entries, draw creation, event setup, result recording, and publication. This service streamlines the registration process and ensures accurate and efficient handling of race-related information.

  2. Athlete Communications: Organisers receive assistance in communicating essential information to participating athletes. Clear and timely communication is vital to ensuring that competitors are well-informed about event schedules, rules, and any updates.

  3. Membership Management: Rowing Queensland assists in managing the membership details of participating athletes, ensuring that all competitors are valid members of their respective clubs and/or schools.

  4. Regatta Administration Services: This includes a range of administrative tasks such as invoicing, managing payables, event marketing to promote the regatta, administration of Boat Race Official (BRO) duties, safety management planning, and the application process with Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ). These services ensure that the administrative and safety aspects of the regatta are handled professionally and in accordance with regulations.

  5. Result Recording and Publication: Timely and accurate recording of race results is crucial. Rowing Queensland helps in efficiently recording and publishing these results, providing participants with a clear overview of their performance and ensuring the regatta's integrity.

Partner with Rowing Queensland and receive comprehensive support covering the essential administrative, safety, and communication aspects of the regatta. We aim to collaborative effort aims to relieve organisers of many logistical burdens, allowing them to focus on delivering a high-quality and enjoyable experience for all participants.


Fees and Disbursements


The following is payable to Rowing Queensland for all events utilising the Regatta Management, Secretarial and Administration services.

*Excludes Rowing Queensland run events, Championship events, and school events.


Member Clubs:


Athlete Administration 

$5 per seat

Regatta Administration and Set-Up



Member Clubs (Bundaberg, Rockhampton, Townsville regattas):

**Reduced fees are indicative of the escalated responsibility that clubs and schools undertake in Regatta Secretarial services, Athlete Communications, and Administration for these regional events.


Athlete Administration

$2.50 per seat

Regatta Administration and Set-Up



Non-Member Clubs and Schools:


Athlete Administration

$15 per seat

Regatta Administration and Set-Up



Revenue is dispersed to the event organiser up to 30 days post event, less the above fees and other budgeted and agreed expenses incurred on behalf of the event organiser.