To reserve usage at the QSRC, Wyaralong Dam, check availability through the provided calendar and proceed by clicking on the booking system link.  Please note: The faciltiy is by default a shared facility and all bookings will be deemed as shared unless both Group 1 & 2 are booked by the same user.  

Prior to your visit, Rowing Queensland will reach out to confirm scheduling and any supplementary needs. Following use, an invoice will be issued within 7 days, encompassing the full course fee (excluding the deposit) along with the facility fee per rower/coxswain and boat usage.

If you have any questions regading your booking please contact



  RQ Member Non-Member
Facility Fee (per rower/coxswain) $6.75 $15.00
RQ Umpire Boat (incl fuel) $110.00 150.00
RQ Rescue Boat (incl fuel) $85.00 $120.00
Course exclusive use (4 hours)* $550.00 $1200.00
Course exclusive use (8 hours)* $1100.00 $2400.00
Course shared use (4 hours)* $275.00 Not available

* The course fee covers access to all facilities provided at the QSRC and includes the dedicated services of a Rowing Queensland Safety Officer who will be available throughout the duration of your use. 


Please read:

The QSRC is a shared space accommodating not only the rowing community but also the wider community. When utilising our facilities, it's important to be mindful of your surroundings and adhere to certain guidelines:

  1. Awareness of Surroundings: Please remain aware of your surroundings, especially regarding other individuals, boats on the water, and any ongoing activities in the vicinity.

  2. Respect and Courtesy: Show respect and courtesy to others using the facilities. Use polite language, observe proper etiquette, and conduct yourself in a considerate manner.

  3. Leave No Trace Principle: Be environmentally conscious. Dispose of waste responsibly by utilising the provided JJ Richards industrial bin or by taking your waste with you upon departure.

  4. Safety and Consideration: Prioritise safety by being considerate of others' safety, whether on land or water. Maintain a safe distance from boats and equipment and follow safety protocols at all times.


Wyaralong Dam - Group 1
Wyaralong Dam - Group 2