Queensland State Team

State team selection plays a vital role in the success of rowing programs at regional, national, and international levels. The process of selecting athletes to represent the Queensland State Team involves careful evaluation and consideration of their skills, performance, and potential. By assembling our best rowers from across the state, the team selection process aims to create a cohesive and competitive squad capable of achieving remarkable results. The success of our state team depends not only on the individual talents of the selected athletes but also on their ability to work together as a unified unit.

Queensland's well-chosen state team brings together rowers with diverse strengths and abilities, allowing them to complement each other on the water. The training, preparation, and team dynamics developed during the selection process contributed significantly to the team's overall success. Our Queensland Team not only bring recognition and pride to the State but also inspire future generations of rowers, fostering a culture of excellence and driving the continued growth and development of the sport.


2024 Event Requirements

Kings Cup M8+

Queens Cup W8+

Noel F Wilkinson Trophy MY8+

Bicentennial Cup WY8+

Victoria Cup WL4x

Penrith Cup ML4-

Presidents Cup M1x

Nell Slater Trophy W1x

Men's PR3 1x

Women's PR3 1x


Our 2023 Queensland State Team