The earth’s surface is 71 per cent water, so let’s open this enormous field of play up to everyone.
Get out on the water and enjoy the waves!


Coastal Rowing is an extreme version of rowing and involves rowing along a sea coast and out into the sea.  It can also be done on large lakes and other bodies of water.

Coastal Rowing is one of the fastest growing communities of rowers as the type of boats used mean that flat water is not required, as such the global opportunities are much greater.  Coastal rowers often prefer rough water which adds a whole new dimension to the sport with many coastal rowers cherishing the exhilarating aspect of rowing in extreme conditions. 

There are three pathways: beach sprint, endurance and touring (sometimes called challenge or raid rowing). 

Endurance format:
• Is a 4-6km course around a variable number of turning points.
• Starts and finishes can be either on the water or a beach depending on the location.
• Each race has 10-20 boats, which can mean there is interference at the first turning mark.
• Races take between 20-40 minutes.
• Successful rowers need good watership skills, endurance fitness, navigating skills and race tactics.

Tour format:
• Is a longer duration (can be multiple days and has stops along the route).
• Can be either a race or a challenge.
• Crews are often accompanied by support boats or land support.
• Successful rowers have ultra endurance, good navigation and watership skills.

Try and Train Coastal Rowing:
If you would like row and train coastal come and join us each Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at Kawana Waters on the Sunshine Coast.  To register CLICK HERE.


Beach Sprints developed from the emergence of beach games competitions and the desire for an exciting short, fast Coastal Rowing discipline. It first appeared in 2015 at the Mediterranean Beach Games in Italy. It then because the newest event to join the family of World Rowing disciplines.  

Beach sprint format:
• Is a run, row, run combination over a 250m out and back buoyed course.
• It uses a time trial and knock-out progression system.
• Races last between 2:30-3:30 minutes.
• Venue is on swimming beaches with small waves (less than 1m).
• Successful rowers need running and rowing speed, agility, turning power, directional awareness and wave handling skills.

If you would like row and train coastal beach sprints come and join us each Saturday morning at Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast.  To register CLICK HERE.