Queensland Government

The Department of Communities (Sport and Recreation Services) is responsible for developing and supporting opportunities for Queenslanders to participate in sport and recreation.

In 2007-08, more than $74 million was invested in Queensland communities to increase participation in sport and recreation through facility development and locally-based participation programs.

The Department recognises the contributions of its industry partners, such as Rowing Queensland, who are helping us to make Queenslanders Australia's healthiest people.


Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS)

The Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS) is an initiative of the Queensland Government aimed at supporting the State’s elite and identified developing athletes. Officially launched in May 1991, the Academy’s goal is to ensure that Queensland remains at the forefront of domestic and international sport.

To achieve this, the QAS provides assistance to Queensland’s talented athletes and coaches as they strive for excellence within their sport following a philosophy of being “athlete centered, coach driven and service supported”.


Rowing Australia

Rowing Australia (RA) is the governing body for the sport of rowing in Australia. Established in 1925, it is recognised by World Rowing, the Australian Sports Commission, and the Australian Olympic Committee, to conduct rowing activities in, and on behalf of Australia.

RA was initially established on 1 May 1925 as the Australian Amateur Rowing Council. It was incorporated on 15 November 1982, changed its name to Australian Rowing Council Inc in 1984, changed its name to Rowing Australia Inc on 2 March 1996 and finally became a public company in January 2007 and so became Rowing Australia Limited.



Sponsors and supporters

Rowing Queensland would like to thank the following governments & companies for their continued support of rowing in Queensland: