The state-based Pathway Program works with schools and clubs to enhance the development of young athletes.

In each state these programs have a clear goal of developing young athletes capable of transitioning into the national training centres and assisting Rowing Australia achieve its aim of being the ‘number one rowing nation in the world’. In addition, these programs capitalise and expand on the prior work of the High Performance Development Program with a broader focus that includes traditional pathway development incorporating talent identification, a greater focus on National Team retention and outcomes, and the US-Based Australian Program.

The Queensland Academy of Sport, Rowing Queensland and Queensland based clubs and schools to run the rowing Pathway in Queensland.

The aim of the Queensland Pathway system is to be a major contributor to the Underage National Team, by supporting and developing athletes onto National Underage Teams to compete at- U23 World Championships, U21 Trans-Tasman regatta, U19 World Championships and World University Games. Targeted athletes and coaches within the Pathway system are provided with elite training facilities, science, health and technical support both on and off the water. As athletes progress through the Queensland Pathway, they will be sufficiently prepared to be ready to transition to a National Training Centre.

The Queensland Pathway program also aims to provide different access points to rowing through both rowing and non-rowing schools, clubs and Talent Identification.

The people leading and supporting this program are:

Andrew Service
QLD High Performance Manager

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2024 Pathways Event: 

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Event Requirements 

Nomination Portal for Rowers & Coxes

Nomination Portal for Coaches

Testing Protocols




Athletes, coxswains and coaches wishing to be considered for selection are required to read the event requirements and submit their nomination via the form link above.


To be eligible:

• all nominating rowers and coxswains must be enrolled in a Queensland secondary school or college for

the year and registered with Rowing Queensland.

• nominating coaches must have a current Level 2 Coaching and Rowing Queensland registration, be

active in a school or club-based feeder program, and be experience in coaching the age group to be


•  all athletes are required to complete all the activities shown under Key Selection Dates and Events. 



Rower Selection

Rower selection into the  Queensland School Pathway training squad will be made by combining

the raw times of:

1. 2km ergo tests (no weight correction) completed at a club or school .

2. Sculling times at the 1500 metre time trial.



• The trials are available to those athletes who are eligible and have nominated pursuant to the Event


• All ergo trials must be conducted in compliance with the Rowing Australia Ergometer Protocols.

• The sculling trial will be held before the start of racing at the Queensland Championships, January each year.

• A training squad of athletes will be notified by email within the following week of the trials. The

representative 8+’s will be selected from this squad.

• Squad training will not commence until after the Australian Championships (end of March) on a date

to be confirmed. Squad athletes will be free to train in their school or club crews around the Pathway

8+ training sessions.



All nominated athletes must complete a 2000m ergo test before the scull time trial. These tests should be

verified by school Rowing Director, 1st VIII Coach, Club Head Coach or Andrew Service (Rowing Queensland High-

Performance Manager). Such verification will include confirmation that the Protocol has been applied. In

instances where a witness is not available video footage of the entire ergometer trial must be sent to the Rowing

Queensland office which includes the screen of the ergometer and the prior calibration of the ergometer. The

ergo must be completed between the dates set in the Event Requirements document. It should be the athletes best effort from this time period.



All nominating athletes will complete a 1500m sculling time trial at the Queensland Championships in 

January. The athletes’ 1500m sculling time will be added to their 2000m ergo score and all

athletes will then be ranked. If this trial is not able to be run (due to weather or government restrictions) an

alternate date will be confirmed.



Nominating coxswains must provide at least one race recording (GoPro if possible) prior to Queensland Championships in January.

Coxes will be selected to train as members of the training squad. Once training starts, coxes will be

rotated through the 8+’s during training. Three coxes will be selected on their performance to tour with the

Team to the National event.


The criteria considered in selecting Coxswains will be:

• Current registration with Rowing Queensland

• Coxed their school’s senior boats or have racing experience coxing Club crews

• A review of the recording of their submitted race calls (GoPro if possible)

• Demonstrated ability to make weight

• Steering ability

• Contribution to crew dynamics

• Adherence to the Rowing Queensland code of conduct (published on the RQ website)

• Weekly athlete/coach feedback will be taken into consideration from training sessions

• Being available for training sessions on a rotation basis



Nominating coaches will be selected on the following criteria:

• Current registration with Rowing Queensland

• Satisfy requirement to be current level 2 or higher NCAS accredited,

• A history of adherence to the Rowing Queensland code of conduct (published on the RQ website)

• Availability to attend the Australian Team Selection Regatta

• Coaching achievement at School, U17 and U19 at State and National regattas