Rowing Queensland recognises the paramount importance of fostering effective communication and collaboration within its community. General Meetings serve as crucial formal gatherings where important decisions are deliberated upon, strategies are devised, and key updates are shared. These structured sessions offer an avenue for all stakeholders to contribute their insights, ensuring a collective approach towards the growth and development of rowing in the region. On the other hand, Presidents meetings provide an informal yet equally essential platform for open discussions and candid exchanges. These relaxed catch-ups facilitate relationship-building among the leadership, nurturing a sense of camaraderie and mutual understanding. Together, the combination of General Meetings and Presidents meetings creates a comprehensive framework that enables Rowing Queensland to operate seamlessly, promoting unity, progress, and a shared commitment to the sport's advancement.


General Meetings of Rowing Queensland Ltd

23 September 2023 - Agenda and Explainatory Memorandum



President's Meetings 

28 March 2023 - Meeting Notes

2 February 2023 - Meeting Notes