Organisational Structure


Rowing Queensland Board

The business of Rowing Queensland Limited is under the direction of the Rowing Queensland Board. The Directors wield the authority of the Company, excluding any power that the Corporations Act or the Rules necessitates to be exercised in a general meeting of members.

The Board consists of a maximum of seven (7) Directors, with five (5) elected by the members and two (2) appointed by the Board itself. Regular board meetings are held at least eight (8) times throughout the calendar year.

Member Position
Samara Quinlan Chair (Elected)
Simon Daly Deputy Chair (Elected)
Scott Austin Director & Rowing Australia Council Representative (Elected)
Chloe Schauble Director (Elected)
Annette Quayle Director (Elected)
Sally Kehoe Director (Appointed)

The Board holds the responsibility of appointing the Chief Executive Officer, who is entrusted with all the necessary tasks for effective management and administration of the organisation. While the CEO is ultimately answerable to the Board of Rowing Queensland Limited, on a daily basis, the CEO is accountable to the Chair.

Rowing Queensland Limited is dedicated to implementing optimal governance models to ensure the organisation's long-term sustainability. It firmly adheres to established Board Governance Structure and Guidelines, prioritising effective governance practices.  This relates to:

  • The process of setting, guiding and monitoring the organisations future direction;
  • Ensuring the organisation operates within its relevant legal and other boundaries;
  • Driving organisational performance through the management team appointed by the board;
  • Establishing appropriate control processes and accountability systems.



Rowing Queensland Staff

Rowing Queensland have a small team that play a pivotal role in the success and smooth functioning of the organisation. Their importance cannot be overstated as they are the driving force behind the daily operations, growth and achievement of goals. They bring their skills, knowledge, and dedication to the table, making invaluable contributions to various operational functions which is essential for fostering a supportive sports environment.

Mr. Matt Bialkowski

Chief Executive Officer & Company Secretary

Mr. Dave Alexander

Operations & Safety Manager

Ms Claire Jansen

Event Operations Manager 

Ms. Michelle Loveday

Administration, Events & Communications Manager

Mr. Andrew Service

High Performance & Development Manager

Ms. Alice Turnour

Admin & Membership Assistant (part time)


2023 State Team Selectors

The Roiwng Queensland State team selectors hold a crucial role in identifying and assembling the most talented and capable athletes to represent our state. Their importance stems from their expertise in assessing rowers' skills, technique, physical fitness, and potential for performance at higher levels. Our State team selectors have an in-depth understanding of the sport and possess the ability to identify individuals with exceptional rowing abilities and competitive spirit. By carefully evaluating rowers' performances, including their race results, ergometer tests, and on-water evaluations, these selectors ensure that the state team comprises the best athletes who have the potential to excel in regional, national, and international competitions. Their meticulous selection process is instrumental in forming a strong and competitive state team that can proudly represent Queensland, foster a sense of pride and unity, and inspire other aspiring athletes. The expertise and dedication of our state team selectors greatly contribute to the overall success and reputation of rowing in Queensland.

Interstate Team Selectors 

Selector Position
Peter Howard Chair of Selectors
Susan Shakespear Selector
Lachlan Johnston Selector
Michael Toon Selector


Masters Team Selectors

Selector Position
Joanne Cook Selector
Margaret Bridgeford Selector
Angus Blackwood Selector