Prioritise Mental Health in our Community

Published Sun 26 May 2024

Rowing Queensland (RQ) proudly announces an important partnership with the White Cloud Foundation (WCF) this week. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in promoting mental health and well-being within the rowing community across the state.


In this strategic alliance, RQ joins hands with the White Cloud Foundation to provide all athletes, coaches, club and school administrators, and volunteers throughout Queensland with free access to the White Cloud Tele-Mental Health service. This initiative underscores RQ's commitment to supporting the holistic health of its members, participants, and volunteers.


WCF is a Queensland-based not-for-profit founded in 2011 by Professor Adam Scott, focusing on providing practical support and easy access to clinical treatment to Australian's needing some help to improve their mental health and wellbeing.


Professor Adam Scott was excited to welcome RQ and the wider rowing community as the newest partners of WCF. “It is fantastic to see RQ demonstrate its commitment to supporting their community through the provision of mental health and wellbeing services for their members, participants and volunteers, right across the state,” Professor Scott said.


RQ CEO Matt Bialkowski was delighted to announce the partnership, and to ensure that RQ continues to support its community. “Rowing is a tough sport, requiring strength, agility, endurance and resilience. RQ is very proud to partner with WCF today to ensure our community have access to services that enable strong and healthy minds also” Mr Bialkowski said.  “The services offered by WCF will be available for the whole rowing community in Queensland; from our rowers and coxswains, through to their coaches, club and school administrators as well as our amazing volunteers and Boat Race Officials (BROs). To support WCF, RQ will establish fundraising opportunities throughout 2024.”


This collaboration recognises of the importance of mental health support within the rowing community and underscores RQ's commitment to creating a culture of well-being, resilience, and support for its members.


For information on the services available through White Cloud Foundation, please visit and download and distruibute this member information.