Success at the Queensland State Championship Regatta

Published Fri 02 Feb 2024

January marked one of the biggest events in Queensland's calendar, as 33 schools and clubs congregated from across the state for the 3 day Queensland State Championship Regatta. With 658 athletes + their dedicated coaches, and supporters, they kickstarted our regatta season for 2024.


Supported by the Scenic Rim Regional Council, Destination Scenic Rim and local businesses such as Valley Pride Produce, Scenic Rim Brewery, Good Times Soda Bar, My Mountain Farm, Rowrite, Pontoon, Glow by Wexwork, Nudi Cover and Volare we were able to enrich the regatta experience, bringing a taste of Queensland to our events. Our partnership with these vendors and local Scenic Rim businesses will continue to flourish in upcoming regattas, which we now know improves the overall experience for both participants and spectators equally.


Undoubtedly, hosting the State Championship in January presents its challenges, particularly with the Queensland heat pushing even our most seasoned athletes to their limits. Despite some races being cancelled and postponed, our team worked tirelessly to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants, providing innovative solutions like ice baths, cold showers, and dedicated physiotherapy support, for which we extend our sincere gratitude to Mark, Zac, and the team at Inspire Health Services.


Amidst the constructive feedback received, notably regarding the timing of the U19 and Pathways time trial, we acknowledge the unprecedented turnout, setting a record for any state. The selection of male and female eights to represent Queensland at the upcoming regatta at SIRC is a testament to the calibre of our athletes and something for all Queenslanders to take pride in.


Let's also celebrate some remarkable statistics from the event: 16 clubs, 17 schools, and a total distance travelled by our furthest clubs/schools in Townsville of 2,842km (and yes, they arrive home in time to put boats away, and prepare for Cyclone Kirrily) but let’s not forget the distances travelled by those in the Rockhampton and Bundaberg regions too. Special mention goes to Cam Buchan, who travelled to train and compete with us for the month but also launch our new Queensland merchandise. With competitors ranging from 13 to 51 years old and a gender representation of 243 female athletes and 409 male athletes, these are things to be very proud of Queensland.


A special mention must go to our Boat Racing team, lead this weekend by Caroline Schomberg, commentator Ray Ebert (Razor) and assistant Peter Hugget, as well as our medal and trophy presenters and the 5 staff and 31 volunteers who worked tirelessly over the three days to ensure the operation of the event. Despite challenging conditions, including scorching temperatures and limited shelter, the spirit of Queenslanders shone through, demonstrating resilience, perseverance, and commitment.


Over the past decade, we've witnessed a remarkable 200% increase in athlete participation across the state, a testament to the dedication of our coaches and the growing popularity of rowing. We extend our appreciation to them for their role in nurturing this growth and for their continued support of this event.


Finally, we express our gratitude to photographer Darren Hocking and videographer Gary Lynagh for capturing the essence of the regatta, helping to elevate our presence in the broader rowing community. Stay tuned live streaming is on the agenda, but for now appreciate the content that will be shared on our socials.


The Queensland State Championship Regatta was not just a display of our ability but a celebration of unity, determination, and the enduring spirit of Queensland. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this weekend, we look forward to welcoming you again next year.


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