Celebrating the Unsung Heroes: Queensland's Boat Racing Officials

Published Sun 12 Nov 2023

In the rhythmic pulse of every regatta, behind the scenes, navigating the intricacies of fair play and safety, are the unsung heroes of rowing – our Boat Racing Officials. In Queensland, a dedicated cadre of over 100 officials ensures the smooth flow of approximately 65 regattas across the vast expanse of our state each year.

We have 17 officials in the Bundaberg region, 15 in the Rockhampton region, 23 in the Townsville region , and 48 in South East Queensland. These numbers reflect the commitment of our officials, with each undertaking an average of 6 regattas annually. Some go above and beyond, with notable officials participating in up to 24 regattas in a single year.

Hancock Prospecting Rower of the Year Award Finalists: Rowing Queensland proudly acknowledges the exceptional contributions of our officials, with a special shout-out to Bruce McCarthy and Caroline Schomberg, both finalists in the prestigious Hancock Prospecting Rower of the Year Awards - Official of the Year.

Bruce McCarthy: Our Unwavering Leader: Bruce has left an indelible mark on Queensland rowing, particularly for his adept management of the Queensland School Championship regatta this year. His dedication extends beyond the management of regattas; it is rooted in the vibrant rowing community. Bruce echoes the sentiment, "It's the people, our community," showcasing the profound impact officials have on the sport's communal fabric.

Caroline Schomberg: Pioneering Excellence: Caroline has etched her name in history as Queensland's first female Australian Boat Race Official appointed to the Paris Olympic Umpire panel. Her trailblazing journey symbolises the progressive spirit within our rowing community, emphasising that recognition knows no gender.

As we applaud the finalists and every official who contributes tirelessly, it becomes evident that their dedication is not just about officiating races; it's about enhancing our rowing community – a theme that has resonated in Queensland in 2023. Rowing Queensland extends its heartfelt gratitude to every official, recognising their invaluable role in making rowing a sport we all cherish.