Incident Reporting


Please contact your local law enforcement agency or dial ‘000’ if there is an immediate threat to an individual’s safety.

If you need mental health or wellbeing support, you can contact a support service provider:


If you want to report an incident, accident, or something you have observed, please read the brief guide following to ensure that your report is seen, actioned, and investigated in a timely manner. If after reading the below you are still unsure of where to report, please contact Dave Alexander, Rowing Queensland Safety Manager at or by phoning 07 3842 1200.

Incidents reportable to Rowing Queensland

Incidents reportable under the National Integrity Framework

Rowing Queensland requires that affiliated Clubs, schools and members notify Rowing Queensland of any incident, accident or observation that could potentially affect or result in a claim to the insurance package held with V-Insurance. Rowing Queensland holds the following insurances that all affiliated Clubs, schools and members are a party to:

    1. Public liability & products liability

    1. Professional indemnity

    1. Personal accident

    1. Association liability (Directors and Officers liability)

    1. Cyber liability and privacy protection

To report an incident relating to the above please head to the Rowing Queensland website here.

For more information on what these insurances are and include, please head to the RQ website here.

If you have any questions on whether your incident is reportable, please contact Dave Alexander, Rowing Queensland Safety Manager at or 07 3842 1200.

Rowing Australia has adopted the National Integrity Framework to proactively mitigate integrity threats to Rowing in Australia and ensure a safe, fair, and trustworthy environment at all levels and disciplines.The National Integrity Framework provides a single set of rules that apply across all levels of the sport, plus procedures for managing, reporting, investigating and determining potential breaches.

If your incident, accident, observation or report falls under any of the National Integrity Framework Policies which are:

  1. The Rowing Australia National Integrity Framework 
  2. Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy 
  3. Competition Manipulation and Sport Wagering Policy
  4. Improper Use of Drugs and Medicine Policy
  5. Member Protection Policy; or
  6. Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy

You can report incidents to Rowing Australia by filling in the form here. Once submitted, the Rowing Australia National Integrity Manager will review and triage the submission and confirm next steps with the person who submitted the report, including the appropriate body to manage the matter.

If your report relates to the Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy, please report the matter directly to Sports Integrity Australia here.

For more information on these policies including copies of the policy, fact sheets, and information please head to the Rowing Australia website here.

If you are unsure of if your report falls under these policies you can contact the Rowing Australia National Integrity Manager at or 0426 363 302.